the openwater church

personal debt reduction challenge

Began: January 28, 2016

Thus far we have had four families get out of credit card debt and we have had two trucks, four cars, three student loans and three homes paid off in our church during this challenge! Come back monthly to see what is being paid off!

As of September 18, 2017: $735,136.35

In 2016, the people of Openwater Church began a quest to get out of personal debt. The goal is to get as many people in the church out of credit card, car, and even house debt in the coming months and years. to have everyone in the church make a conscious effort to get out of personal debt.  

It says in Proverbs 22:7, "The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender." Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died to get us out of the slavery of sin but too many believers fall back into debt slavery. Join the REVOLUTION to NOT BE NORMAL which is to be in debt to the debtors. Instead, let's be WEIRD and get out of debt!  

Send your monthly debt reductions and tell us if you paid off a debt. We want to celebrate with you! Email us at [email protected] and give us the amount. We will add it to running total that will be updated every week in the bulletin and on this page. 


We are very excited to see how many of you are getting out of debt! We hit the $700,000 mark on August 6, 2017!!!  We are now on our new thermometer. Let's see if we can hit the $800,000.00 mark by December 2017! Join the "counter cultural movement" at OWC to get out of debt!