next steps

Next Steps class is where you can grow in your faith and get to know Openwater's Staff, Beliefs, and Philosophies on a deeper level. Next Steps is divided into four parts at Openwater Church and each is intended to help you understand your membership, maturity, ministry, and mission that you can live out everyday. 


Sunday, October 27th

-CLASS 101 from 1-3pm by Pastor David Towner


This is called “Discovering my Membership.” This 2 hour seminar discusses the importance of knowing Christ, the five purposes, structure, and affiliations of the church. We help people make an informed decision about membership at Openwater.


This is called, “Discovering Spiritual Maturity.” This seminar is a 2.5 hour session designed to teach people the importance of growing in Christ through four spiritual habits that every Christian needs to learn, live, and grow.


This is called, “Discovering my Ministry.” This seminar is a 2.5 hour session intended to help people discover their unique SHAPE for serving Christ. It also focuses on helping the individual develop and use their God given gifts and abilities for His Kingdom. You will take a Spiritual Gifts inventory and a personality assessment that is a lot fun.


This is called, “Discovering my Life Mission.” This seminar is a 2.5 hour session and is designed to help equip and empower people to share Christ to the community. You will produce a five minute mini testimony that you can use with those in your sphere of influence that do not have a personal relationship with Christ.

Through these four Next Steps classes people covenant with God in Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Mission as they move from the community to the core. The core of Openwater Church is mandated to reach out to the community to bring more to Christ and help lead others through this disciple making process.

You can sign up to take these courses by marking on the communication card in our Sunday bulletin and place the card in the baskets as they come by or send an email to [email protected] regarding your desire to participate.